Executive Officers 2016-2017

President: Donna Scully
Phone: 541-680-3848

Vice President: Kathy (Kat) Knapp
Phone: 541-496-4522

Secretary: Margo Hess
Phone: 541-430-0425

Treasurer: Phyllis Coble
Phone: 541-784-0868

Quilt Show Chairperson: Corrine Woodward, Chair
Phone: 541-391-3567

Quilt Show Chairperson: Rhonda Hjort, Co-Chair
Phone: 541-430-3453

Workshops and Programs Committee:
Rowena Bellando
Phone: 541-670-2754

Kat Knapp
Phone: 541-496-4522

Donna Scully
Phone: 541-680-3848

Evening Chair: Myrt Thames
Phone: 541-784-5250

Evening Representatives – Vi Jobb and Yvonne Welton

Members at Large:

Katy Scarantino
Phone: 541-677-2905

Trudy White
Phone: 541-680-9009