About Us

Our Mission, History, & Vision


Established in 1982

The Umpqua Valley Quilters Guild (UVQG) was first established in 1982. A small group of ladies just wanted to get together for a “little quilting.” The ladies came together to quilt, share projects, and new quilting techniques and assembly methods. Soon, shopping excursions to fabric stores, adventures to quilt shows and the JOY of Quilting grew. And so did the guild. By the year 2000, the guild branched out and added an evening group to accommodate the schedules of the quilter with daytime obligations. UVQG now has over 100 members.

UVQG is a non-profit organization which supports a number of local charities and organization through the gifting of quilts and other crafted items. Members elect leaders who plan and facilitate the activities of the guild.

The Mission

Promote the Joy of Quilting.

The purpose of the UVQG is to promote the joy of quilting as a creative expression and an art form. The meetings are a time set aside to learn more about the history of quilting, explore new quilting techniques, and share the joy of quilt making with the community.

Your 2018-2019 Executive Officers

Meet The Team

The guild is a non-profit, organization. The members elect leaders who plan and facilitate the activities of the guild. 

President Margo Hess 541-430-0425
Vice President Donna Legat 480-313-9917
Secretary Patti Burdge  
Treasurer Phyllis Coble 541-784-0868
Elected Positions    
Past President Donna Scully 541-680-3848
Quilt Show Chairperson Corrine Woodward 541-391-3567
Quilt Show Co-Chair Rhonda Hjort 541-430-3453
Workshops & Program Committee Donna Scully 
Linda Witbeck Rowena Bellando
Evening Chair Myrt Thames 541-784-5250
Evening Rep/Members at Large Yvonne Welton 
Shirley Smith
Day Member at Large Lalece Rooker 
Sandy Wilson