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    Cheryl Malkowski

    Cheryl Malkowski lives in Roseburg, OR, with her husband, Tom, and her dog, Cooper. She loves everything about quilting as long as it can be done with a machine. A quilter since 1993, Cheryl has written 6 books with C&T Publishing, including the best seller, Doodle Quilting, and Blocks to Diamonds, which was the beginning […]

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    Kathie Kerler

    Kathie creates artwork with an emphasis on texture achieved through hand and machine embroidery and quilting. Her recent artwork is representational. But rather than being realistic, it has a cartoon-like quality. Her materials include both commercial and hand-dyed fabrics. She had a solo exhibit at the Rocky Mountain Quilt Museum and was the featured artist […]

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    Caryn Lee

    Caryn grew up in a military family and started sewing at age 4 by her mother’s side. By age 14 she was making the majority of her clothes. Home décor soon followed but then life got in the way and her sewing machine went into the closet for years. Fast forward to 2004 and the […]

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    Shirley Pyle

    I desire to share the joy of quilting, as both a student and teacher.  Sewing has always been a part of my life.  My grandma and mom taught me to sew as a child.  I’m one of those women who made most of my own clothes thru high school and college.  Sewing took a backseat […]

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    Debbie Williams

    Debbie is a long-time sewing instructor and is a certified Quilt in a Day Teacher and also certified by Accuquilt, and is a Westalee Trained Teacher for Westalee Rulers.  She has mastered embroidery software, long arm quilting and even makes her own printed fabric for use in her computer printer.  She is very patient and […]

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    Shelley Sieverkropp

    Artist Statement, I first found my love of sewing on a treadle machine, using a phone book to be able to reach the pedal. I pull from years of experience: from making my own school clothing by third grade, working in a jacket factory, a restaurant owner, computer programmer, accountant and now longarm quilter to […]